Here are three ways to find what you're looking for in past issues of Common stock; which is best for your search depends on the type of results you need

1. Use the advanced search option available from the Search menu item in the header menu; this will give you results that are links to either

a) image based versions of past issues (before 2010) whose contents contain your search terms, from which you can open individual image pages.
b)  text based articles (from 2010 onwards) that contain your search terms

2. Use the Archive Index menu here; choose whether you want to filter the list by
a) Tags; typing in a tag and selecting from the list will give a list of articles with that tag
or by
b) Article title; typing any part of a title will give a list of articles that contain that entry in their title

c) a project is underway to prepare indexes of content by year

3. Use the 'Articles' menus on individual category pages; these link to Articles tagged with that category; eg Event Articles, History articles etc.
Many articles will have tags that link to a list of related articles displayed the associated category page