There are a variety of solo classes to cater for all levels including beginner, intermediate, open and “seasoned” (older players).  Playing with other instruments, duets, pipe and song and new composition categories also have a place on this day where the focus is on participation and enjoyment rather than the competitive aspects. Inevitably, as there are prizes, there have to be rules which follow below.  Please check carefully the time limits and criteria for the class(es) you intend to enter.

Entry forms will be available online in the month prior to the event for pre-entry. The competition is open to non members. Non players and others are encourage to attend as audience members.

LBPS Annual Competition 2024

Saturday 30th March 

– in the rooms of the Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society,

127 Rose Street South Lane, Edinburgh EH2 4BB

This year’s competition has a different format. We encourage you to have a go at competing and/or performing in a supportive atmosphere where you will meet great people, have a chance to listen to a wide range of playing and receive constructive feedback on your performance.

The venue is the historic rooms of the Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society in the centre of Edinburgh (where we held a Collogue a few years ago). The venue is just off Rose Street (parallel to Princes Street) in the centre of Edinburgh,. and is just along from Waverley train station and the main bus station.

The rooms will be open from 09.45 with tea and coffee available on arrival. The first class – the Skeely Piper competition – will commence at 10.30 prompt. The Composing competition follows immediately after. Entries can be performed by a single piper or by duets, trios, quartets and more – and be accompanied by musicians playing other instruments including voice. 

There will be space available for tuning.

The theme for the Skeely Piper competition is: a tune or tunes associated with Scottish topography, e..g Tullochgorum, Tweedside, Crags of Stirling, The Waters of Kylescu, Inveraray Castle, Bonnie Milldams o’ Norham, Atholl Braes, Gallowa Hills, Loch Tay Boat Song, Hills of Glenorchy, Flow Gently, Sweet Afton, the Braes of Castle Grant etc. A rich seam, indeed, we are sure you’ll agree

Anyone residing overseas – this includes people based in the British Isles who can't make it on the day – can enter these classes and they should record a video that will be shown and judged on the day. Please see the Competition Rules for full details of the deadline and how to submit yo3ur entry.

Running order for the day:

10.00 - Arrival. Tea and coffee

10.30 - Skeely Piper competition

c11.15 - Composing competition (followed by a group performance of the winning tune)

c11.45 - ‘Open mic’ performances

12.30-14.00 - Lunch

14.00 - ‘Open mic’ performances and group playing sessions led by an LBPS Ambassador

c15.30 - Results and presentations


The Booking Form is below. Please complete the form and pay via PayPal.


Entry fees:

Members:          £2.50 per class 

Non-members:  £3.50 per class 

Spectators:       Free

Please indicate which of the following classes you intend to enter:

Note; the booking fee is per class - you don't need to pay twice for duet classes


CLASS Member Non-Member
Skeely Piper :
Overseas class :
New Composition class :

NB: Please fill in the required fields in the 'Delivery Details' in the Shopping Cart Payment page.
For the overseas class entries, if you include a postal address, any prize certificates you win can be posted to you

Colin Melville’s entry wins the 40th Anniversary Composing Competition


Colin Melville of Munlochy, near Inverness, is the winner of our 40th anniversary composing competition. We received 21 entries.

colin melville

Colin’s entry is a four-part tune that will be henceforth titled, The Lowland & Border Pipers’ Society. He wins £400 plus a full run of the LBPS’ music collections and CDs.

Colin, who used to play with The Tannahill Weavers for over a decade, said: “I am absolutely delighted my entry was deemed by the judges to have merit enough to take the top spot.

“I’d had fragments of the melody in the back of mind for a few years and the first part came quite quickly. This competition was the ideal opportunity to work on it and form something fuller.”

Judges, Gary West and John Purser, said: “We feel that Colin’s entry is a splendid tune which has every chance of becoming a standard within the lowland and border bellows pipes repertoire.

“Like all the best tunes, it is not overly complex, and every phrase does its job very well. It is the kind of tune that all levels of player should be able to play, and to learn without too much difficulty. I can certainly imagine it becoming something of a theme tune at LPBS gatherings, and indeed well beyond our immediate community, too.”

LBPS Convenor, Stuart Letford, said: “The committee had thought that, with many other piping organisations having tunes named for them, it was time the LBPS had one, particularly in this its 40th year. Colin’s tune fits the remit we asked composers to take cognisance of and the judges agreed that his tune was the clear winner. Indeed, I understand both had it as their respective choices before comparing notes.

“We look forward as an organisation to playing this tune whenever we meet. It is a lovely tune. “

Please click Read More to see the score.

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LBPS Competition 2023 RESULTS

first prize winners 2023 0a2f0

First-prize winners 2023

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Annual Competition 2023 - Classes and Specific Class Rules

Full details of the classes in the competition, of general rules and of class-specific rules are available here

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LBPS Annual Competition 2023 – Saturday 18th March 

Linlithgow Burgh Halls


The committee of the LBPS are looking forward to welcoming members to the 2023 LBPS competition.  We encourage you to come and have a go at competing, whatever stage you are at in your small-piping/ Border piping “career”. It’s a supportive atmosphere where you will meet great people, have a chance to listen to a wide range of playing and get constructive feedback on your performance.

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40th Anniversary Composing Competition - Closing date 30th April 2023

The committee has decided to hold a composing competition as but one element to mark the Society’s 40th anniversary.

Tunes submitted should have at least four parts and be in the Lowland idiom. The name of the tune shall be, ‘The Lowland & Border Pipers’ Society’.

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LBPS Annual Competition 2022 – The Results

The LBPS Annual Competition 2022 was held in Linlithgow on Saturday, 9th April 2022.

It was the first time the Society had been to this historic town. The town's old municipal building, the Burgh Halls proved to be a superb venue and was only a five-minute walk from the railway station. The town itself is conveniently situated roughly halfway between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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LBPS Annual Competition – Saturday 27th March 2021


We are pleased to announce the results of this year's annual competition, held via Zoom:

                                                       RESULTS OF THE LBPS ANNUAL COMPETITION 2021



Pete Stewart

Wo Betyd Thy Wearie Bodie (Skene, MS, 1615)

An Old Man Is a Bed of Bones (Playford 1651 arr Stewart)

I Am a Silly Old Man (Balcarres MS as ‘Gin the kirk would let me be 1695)


John Kelly

Mary Scott the Flower of Yarrow



Jody Lynch

Teddy o Neill  (Air)

The Clare jig and The Nora Crionna hornpipe

The Wonky Table




Alexander Sime-Scott

The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow,

Lassie Gae Milk on My Cow Hill


Ruari Black

The Rose of Allendale   /   Knucklehead

Johnny the Tree Wrecker


Caroline Barden

Wee Totum Fogg

Pawkie Adam Glen


PIPE AND SONG CLASS (Judge: Iain MacInnes)


Ian Crane

Tha Mi Sgith


Pete Stewart

The Ballad of Jock Elliot




Stuart Letford

John Anderson   My Jo / Jack Latin (from Dixon)

Lassies o’ Melrose

Joint 2nd

Norman Macleod

Dark Lowers the Night (3/4 Retreat),

Hacky Honey (9/4 from Dixon, tune #4)

John Charles Bauschatz

Shuidh Mi air Cnocan an t-Siùil

A Bhean Ud A-staigh Hì Rì a Bho

Horo Hug Gur e an Latha

He Mo Leannan, Ho Mo Leannan

Clo Mhicllemhiceil


Bill Bennett

My Home Town,

Scarce of Tatties,

Drops of Brandy

Aye Walkin O




Stuart Letford

Rowan Tree (arrangement by Mark Stewart, Crieff)

The Lasses Bushes Brawly (from Dixon; the first four parts only)

Dixon’s Highland  Laddie (from Dixon but I shall miss our parts 6 and 7 due to time constraints).


David Faulkner

Joyful Days Will Come (David Faulkner) 

Dorrington Lads (Rook manuscript)


Ian Crane

Wat Ye What I Got Late Yestreen

Kiss'd Her Under the Coverlet


  lbpscomp1iancrane s 0a5b2   lbpscomp2stuartletford b8e70   

                           Ian Crane                                                                        Stuart Letford   

 lbpscomp3davidfaulkner s 1ef22

                       David Faulkner

Videos of the prize-winning entries and others have now been uploaded onto the LBPS YouTube channel:

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LBPS Annual Competition 2020


The LBPS Annual Competition will not be going ahead as planned on Saturday March 28th. 

It is with great regret that we have taken this decision as a result of the impact of Coronavirus and in order to protect the safety and wellbeing of our members. We plan to consider future possible dates for this event, but obviously this will depend on the length of time it takes to restore normal activity in the country.

Please keep an eye on our Face Book, Twitter and website for further updates.